One+Two Notation (1+2)

One+Two Notation (1+2)

C.J. Wang


One+Two Notation (1+2) is a variant of Down Up Notation (DUN). The nose notehead is my own original work. 1+2 overcomes four disadvantages of Black White Notation (BWN): 1) BWN does not have a fully proportional pitch coordinate, 2) Inconsistent distance for same intervals,  3) pitch is not determined only by height but by color also, 4) rhythm is not fully compatible with Traditional Notation.



An interval example (5 semitones)

Notice that the distance is measured between the top spots of notes as the red lines indicate.


A ruler (on the left of a chord, looks like ‘E’) is added to help measure distance among notes in a chord. With the help of rulers, it is easy to find the same pattern.

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