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Fault Tolerant Notation

Fault Tolerant Notation C.J. Wang LTN is a high fault tolerant notation as shown below.  As long as tails are in a space, they are the second notes in the space. As long as tails on a line, they are … Continue reading

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12NewDigits C.J. Wang Description 12NewDigits is a variant of Numbered Musical Notation (NMN), which has been widely used in China for over 100 years.  NMN has movable ‘1’, which is defined at the beginning. In contrast, 12NewDigits uses absolute ‘1’ and … Continue reading

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Little Tadpole Notation (LTN)

Little Tadpole Notation (LTN) C.J. Wang Description Little Tadpole Notation (LTN) is a variant of Down Up Notation (DUN). The little tadpole notehead is my own original work. Each line or space has two notes. The first note uses the normal … Continue reading

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