C.J. Wang


12NewDigits is a variant of Numbered Musical Notation (NMN), which has been widely used in China for over 100 years.  NMN has movable ‘1’, which is defined at the beginning. In contrast, 12NewDigits uses absolute ‘1’ and extends from 7 to 12 notes. There are several other changes which will be pointed out below.


Instead of using 1-9, %, and !, new digits are made so that they look alike with each other. It is easy to learn these new numbers.


The little circle denotes a double duration, which is my own idea. NMN uses ‘-‘ to express repeat, e.g., “| – -” meaning “| | |”. 12NewDigits still keeps the use of ‘-‘ though. As for rest, 12NewDigits uses ‘~’ instead of ‘0’.


A sample

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